Bicycle Maintenance Classes

Bicycle Maintenance Classes


Bike maintenance classes are all hands-on, conducted in the shop. Some classes have pre-class videos that you are encouraged to watch beforehand. Classes that are "+parts" means we will be replacing parts that you will keep if we are working on your bike. In most cases we will be working primarily on the customer's bike/gear. If you would like to learn a skill, but do not have the correct bike or gear to learn the skill, one will be provided. The customer will still be charged for inventory used.

Any parts used during classes will be discounted 10%. Some brands are not discountable.

Scheduling Your Classes

Please call 617-244-1040 to schedule your classes.

Class Options:

Basic Maintenance Class - $25

30 Mintute class. No video. Bring you own bike.

Tire inflation, lube chain, taking wheels off and on, cleaning bike. Checking tires, cables, brake pads and rim sidewalls for wear.

Tune Up Class - $80 + Parts

One hour class. Pre-class video viewing is recommneded. Bring your own bike. A more in-depth class ($120 for 1.5 hours) with overviews of various bicycle technologies is also available.


Adjust derailleurs and replace cables

Adjust brakes and replace cables and pads

Replace chain and cassette

Overview of different headset types

Overview of different bottom bracket types

Overview on hub, bearing and axle types

Basic wheel truing

Add On Classes

Shimano Di2 - $50  Laptop or E-Tube compatible device required

Wrapping handlebars - $25 + Parts. Pre-class video recommended

Wheel Truing and Spoke Replacement - $80 - One hour class

Tubeless Tire Set-up - $40 + Parts - 30 miniute class

Other component specific classes are available. Call for more info. 617-244-9772

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