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Brooks B67 Pre-Aged Leather Bicycle Saddle

Brooks B67 Pre-Aged Leather Bicycle Saddle

Model # (SA134)

Product Details

Brooks B67 Pre-Aged Leather Bicycle Saddle

The B66/B67 series is the most popular of Brooks's sprung models. They are an excellent choice for recreational or utility cycling in a fairly upright posture. The B67 is most appropriate for cyclists who set their handlebars higher than their saddles.
In general, the more upright your riding posture, the wider, and more heavily sprung, the saddle you should choose.

In years gone by, technicians, allied to the Tour riders, would purchase Brooks saddles, disassemble them and massage the hide so their oils, wines and other secret potions penetrated the leather. These solutions conditioned the leather's structure and meant a softer, more comfortable ride could be enjoyed.
The new range of Brooks Aged saddles are again manufactured using only the finest natural products. Specially formulated waxes and balms are skillfully worked into the hide resulting in a more comfortable riding experience, requiring less break-in time.

Length: 260mm
Width: 205mm
Weight: 850g


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