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Road Cycling Revolution!

900c wheels dwarf 700c wheels in size and handling!

BOULDER, CO, April 1, 2008 - Experience a whole new ride with the 900c revolution! Following in the footsteps of road cycling's dirt cousins and their 29-inch revolution, the road world is about to be turned on its ear thanks to the undeniable benefits of 900c wheels. Fulcrum Racing, Bontrager and Shimano all have 900c prototypes rolling down the road wrapped with tires from Bontrager and Hutchinson.

Want to drop your riding buddies down the next long twisty descent? With the increased tire patch of the 900c tire, forget about keeping a finger on the brakes, just hang on! Plus, with the larger diameter wheels, you'll be sitting more "in" the bike, as opposed to sitting "on top" of the bike, thus enjoying unbelievable handling.

And, be prepared to lead on hilly rides, too! The giant 900c wheels hold speed longer, so those little hills truly turn into speed bumps! Yeah, baby.

The difference is sizeable in more than just dimensions!Plus, if all-out speed isn't your top priority, the irresistible comfort will lead you over to the 900c bandwagon. These supersized hoops simply roll smoother over uneven pavement, bumps and cracks because they're large enough to roll over instead of dropping into them. What's more, the increased air volume and ability to run the pressure lower further enhances the velvet-carpet ride while ensuring that pinch-flats are things of the past, too.

Racers from the High Road team who have tried 900c wheels are quickly becoming believers! An ecstatic George Hincapie exclaimed, "This is what I've been waiting for!" Other team members have touted the advantages and will make a case to the notoriously fickle UCI to allow the new wheels into competition. We expect to see 900c bikes in the Pro-Tour as soon as 2009. Here are some answers to the questions we've received so far.

Seasoned pro George Hincapie touting the benefits of 900c wheels!1. "What about the added weight?" Well, when you consider the weight of the whole bike, plus rider, plus gear, it basically comes down to around a 1% difference.

2. "Aren't bigger wheels harder to accelerate?" With the speed you'll be able to carry through corners and improved handling, you'll find you don't have the rapid decelerations and accelerations normally associated with smaller wheels. Plus, 900c wheels turn ugly, bumpy corners into smooth sailing.

3. "What about climbing?" Climbing with 900c wheels is basically the same as 700c wheels. The improved handling and larger contact patch lets you stay in your optimal riding position even on insanely steep grades.

4. "What about aerodynamics?" Research has shown a miniscule difference in aerodynamics only for riders under 5' 8" tall. Test riders taller than 5' 8" have been proven to be actually faster! Click here for the fascinating data!.

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