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Busch & Müller IXON IQ L.E.D. Headlight WITHOUT Battery or Charger

Busch & Müller IXON IQ L.E.D. Headlight WITHOUT Battery or Charger

Model # (LT1673)

Product Details

Busch & Müller IXON IQ L.E.D. Headlight WITHOUT Battery or Charger

The IXON IQ lights are at super low closeout pricing while supplies last.

The IXON IQ with revolutionary new IQ technology illuminates five hours long with up to 40 lux. That is 300% brighter than German road traffic regulations require.

The well-known rechargeable headlight IXON has often emerged from product testing as the winner, among others, from the highly-regarded Stiftung Warentest (independent German product and services testing foundation) tests in March 2006. Busch & Müller is now introducing this success model from their sports line with the revolutionary new illumination technology IQ-TEC. The IXON IQ offers with light output up to a sensational 40 lux.

The most remarkable technical feature of IQ-TEC is a radically-designed, newly-developed special reflector with integrated cooling system. The light comes from a high-powered LED that is used as an indirect light source. For this reason, there is no bulb or diode to be seen in the centre of the reflector. Busch & Müller aptly describe this concisely and clearly on their packaging as "nothing but light". That is exactly what the cyclist experiences at night: The usable lighted area of the IXON IQ is uniformly illuminated to a maximum extent and twice as wide as with conventional reflectors.

  • Full power setting (40 lux) gives about 5 hour run time.

  • Eco power setting (10 lux) gives about 20 hours.

. Powered by four NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable AA or alkaline AA batteries.

This model DOES NOT come with the batteries or "smart" charger.

Charger plugs directly into the headlight from below. No need to remove the batteries to charge them. The charger will not overcharge the batteries and won't attempt to charge non NiMH batteries.

The universal-voltage charger is designed for German wall outlets which use round plugs instead of the flat type we use in the US and Canada. An adapter
is required for the charger and we keep them in stock. You may already have the necessary adapter if you have a universal set of adapters for international travel. A small LED on top warns you when the battery power is getting low.


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