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Busch & Müller IXON SPEED IQ L.E.D. Headlight complete

Busch & Müller IXON SPEED IQ L.E.D. Headlight complete

Model # (LT1675)

Product Details

Busch & Müller IXON SPEED IQ L.E.D. Headlight complete

The new IQ technology has brought about a light revolution for sport bikes:

With the accu headlight IXON IQ Speed, the biker can drive away darkness with up to 50 lux. An accu charge lasts about ten hours.

Designed 100% to meet the highest sports biking demands, the especially light, compact, IXON IQ Speed headlight weighs less than 100 grams. Its special accu pack can be carried in the jersey or mounted on the frame and can power two headlights if desired. An adapter for helmet or forehead use is available. Most important, however, is performance: believe it or not, the headlight with the revolutionary new light technology IQ-TEC puts out up to 50 lux.

The most remarkable feature of IQ-TEC is a radically-designed, newly-developed special reflector with integrated cooling system. The light comes from a high-powered LED that is used as an indirect light source. For this reason, the centre of the reflector remains free for "nothing but light", as the new slogan describes it in only three words. The overwhelming lighting experience is not only due to the high lux value: The IQ-TEC useable lighted area is uniformly illuminated to a maximum extent and twice as wide as with conventional reflectors!

If the IXON IQ Speed is installed as double headlight (only one accu pack!), the bike "burns" brightly through the night brilliantly illuminating the route with 100 lux for five hours. The biker can rely on 10 hours at 50 lux, or the IXON IQ Speed can be switched down to the 10 lux output required by German road traffic regulation standards (StVZO) for a full 50 hours.

* The best track illumination ever, meets the requirements of German StVZO (one LED only)
* 2-position switch:
High-Power-Mode: 50 lux (10 hours)
City-Eco-Mode: 10 lux (50 hours)
* Convenient and safe electronic system with more than 90 % efficiency
* With electronically controlled charger, charging time approximately 6 hours only
* Scope of supplies includes high capacity accumulator
* With protection against total discharge in both operating modes
* Weight: 85 g only (without accumulator)
* Optional helmet brackets available
* A second headlamp can be attached for double lighting capacity

Ensures easy and very safe attachment to handlebars of any diameter by means of the newly developed clamping strap with quick locking mechanism. The lamp can be rotated in its bracket.


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