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EJAC French Gear Shift Cable

EJAC French Gear Shift Cable

Model # (CAG04)

Product Details

EJAC French Gear Shift Cable

"Universal" French gear shift cable, fits Huret, Schwinn, Benelux

These are traditional "universal" double-ended cables, standard cylindrical fitting on one end, disc fitting on the other. Cut off the end you do not need.

These are not nearly as nice as the stainless "Slick" cables we sell, so we do not recommend them unless you need the disc type fitting. If you have a Hurét or Benelux shift lever, including "Schwinn Approved" units actually made by Hurét these are the only ones that will fit without modification.

These cables fit in modern BRAKE housing, not modern derailer housing.

75" (1900 mm) length. Made in France

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